Our Family Story

  • Our story begins...

    Originally from Texas farm country, David Kendall purchased what became the first 50 acres of Kendall Farms in 1987. Under the beautiful southern California sky, his love for farming blossomed once more, as did the exquisite flowers that grow here.

  • Our story begins... David Kendall, Fallbrook CA
What’d the farmer say when he won the lottery? I’m going to keep farming ‘till it’s all gone"
  • What’d the farmer say when he won the lottery? I’m going to keep farming ‘till it’s all gone"

    – David Kendall Founder
  • David had no reservations about moving his family from the suburbs of Los Angeles south, to Fallbrook. Once his family settled in they found themselves also falling in love with growing and farming California flowers.

    Just as the farm grew so did David’s family, and his son Jason took over as the general manager of Kendall Farms after graduation from college. In 2004 David passed away, but his passion is in every acre and every flower here on Kendall Farms. He cultivated the farm we know today from an small avocado grove, and he leaves his beautiful memory and legacy to go on with his family.

  • We Grew Here; We Grow Here

    Jason Kendall and Troy Conner, David’s nephew, have continued to build on David’s dreams. The second generation have not only kept the traditions of Kendall Farms alive but have made tremendous strides and progressive, conscientious choices. With the years of hard work, dedication, and most of all, love, the Kendall family grew the farm to ten times its original size, the expansive and enrapturing 500 acres it is today.

    Jason and Troy, along with a staff of family and friends, have established a standard for growing California flowers that is second to none. Keeping sustainability, efficiency, and the environment as a priority for the farm Jason and Troy have been able to set the bar high for just how local flower farming is done. Thanks to their hard work and the generosity of the California soil Kendall Farms is self-sustained, and boasting its own well water, reservoir, water recycling and treatment facilities, as well as its own composting systems.

    The Kendall Farms family continues to grow strong, its values being passed to the team that work the farm and on to the next generation of Kendall’s.

  • We Grew Here; We Grow Here
    Family Summer BBQ circa 2015; Fallbrook CA