How it Works

A Few Simple Steps & Your Bouquet Is On The Way!

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    Select Your Size

    We made it easy, just 2 sizes to select from!
  2. 2

    Choose your Frequency

    The Best of the Farm as often as you like!
  3. 3

    Set Your Destination

    Be sure to pick your destination! Out of town? In a pinch for a present? We've got you covered - simply redirect your bouquet.
  4. 4

    Choose a Charity

    10% of every purchase goes to a charity. Be sure to select at checkout.
  5. 5

    Earn Bunch Bucks!

    Subscribe and receive $ everytime you receive or ship a subscription bunch! $1 for little bunch & $3 for the big bunch! * Bunch Bucks redeemable for one-time online purchases
  6. 6

    Sit Back & Relax!

    A beautiful bouquet is on its way!
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