How will the flowers arrive?

Keep a sharp eye out for our specially made and marked Kendall Farms box, called The Flower Stand. These beauties are designed to keep your bouquets in perfect shape on the trip from our farm to your home. Once it arrives your bouquet will be ready to display straight out of the box (after a little trimming and some fresh water).

What’s included in the price?

The price of the Little Bunch includes your bouquet and the glass mason jar. The Big Bunch comes on its own. But don’t forget that there’s fun, swag merchandise that can fit in your shipment, too. Shipping and tax are separate.

Do you guarantee your bouquets?

Yes! We want you to get the freshest and most beautiful bouquet around, and so we guarantee the bouquets that we send. If you are not satisfied with the bouquet you receive, we will send a replacement at no cost.

Are you sustainable? Do you think about the environment?

Big questions, but we’re very proud to say that we are and we do. We have multiple wells, a reservoir, and a state of the art water reclamation plant here on the farm that allows us to stay very sustainable and water conscientious here in Southern California. We are also excited to announce that we’ve installed 2,280 solar panels, which covers 3 acres here at the farm. We love it here and we’re always doing our best to keep the land healthy and beautiful.

I need some help, who do I talk to?

There’s a form to contact us that’s easy to fill out and submit. If you’d prefer to email, you can reach us at info@kendall-farms.com, or just pick up the phone and give us a ring at 800-900-0848!

How do I keep the life of my bouquet as loooong as possible?

A few simple steps to keep your flowers happy: Re-cut the stems ½ inch. Then, add fresh water. Next, add the supplement pack we included with your bouquet. Change the water every few days, do this as well. It helps the stems absorb water and keep your bouquet healthy and beautiful!

If I’m doing things right then how long should my bouquet live?

This is a tricky one, but if you take care of your bouquet it should last anywhere between five days to a week. Some bouquets are made with hardier flowers, however, and may last as long as two weeks with the proper attention!

What sorts of flowers should I expect to receive in my Kendall Farms bouquet or subscription?

Part of the experience with The Flower Stand at Kendall Farms is letting us surprise you with the best picks that the farm has to offer. That means that our bouquets will change with the season and availability of certain flowers over others, but the one thing we can guarantee is that your bouquet will be a beautiful, unique piece of our hearts, every time.

Last months bouquet was amazing, can I get an identical bouquet this month?

Our arrangements change with the season and availability, as well as what’s trending right now. Your next bouquet might not be identical to the last, but we promise that it will be fresh and incredibly special.

What about vases? How do they work?

Vases are currently only available for the Little Bunch bouquets, although we are working on making them available for the Big Bunch bouquets soon! The glass mason jar is the standard vase for our Little Bunch and is included in the price. You can choose to upgrade your vase to our handcrafted wood mason jar or to a glass Weck jar!

You say “straight” from the farm, what does that mean?

We’re not kidding! We bring the flowers straight from one of our fields to our bouquet division down in the packing shed, where we design your special bouquet. Then they get picked up right here at the farm and sent directly to you. There’s no middle man, here, no delays, just our best cuts delivered to your door.

Do I need a subscription to buy bouquets from you guys?

Not at all! We offer a one time purchase option for both of our bouquets. Trying our subscription is no big deal, though, we want you to become part of the Kendall Farms family. So, sign up and if you decide that it’s not what you want then you can cancel your subscription at any time, free of charge!

What are bunch bucks and how do I get them?

Bunch Bucks are our way of giving back to our subscribers! For every Little Bunch that gets shipped you receive $1 in bunch bucks, for every Big Bunch shipped you receive $3! These bunch bucks are only available with our subscription service. They can be used as credit towards any one-time purchase order. This means bunch bucks won't pay for your next subscription but they can go towards cool Kendall Farm merchandise or even an extra bunch for a special someone!

How do I redeem bunch bucks?

Redeeming bunch bucks is easy! Just go into your account- you'll see your bunch bucks balance on the first page. Hit "Go Shopping" and complete your order!

What's a Little Cutie?

Little Cuties are small mini bouquets we make with any extra product we have at The Flower Stand. Because we don't believe in waste, we wrap these up and send them off to our subscribers as a surprise gift from the farm! Learn more here

Will my bouquet recipient know I sent them flowers?

Go ahead and take advantage of our free note feature! Unless you write your recipient a note to accompany your bouquet, they may not know it is from you. Our shipping labels show Kendall Farms at the mailer. To protect your privacy we do not give out sender information to those who call us.